Biomagnetips provides tips and recommendations in the practice of Biomagnetic Therapy which is another health alternative. It is non invasive, painless, and drug free.
It does not interfere with your medical treatments, it only compliments it. Biomagnetic Therapy is not intended to replace your current medications.
Always consult a certified medical doctor to verify if Biomagnetic Therapy is good for you.

Magnetic Sports Bracelets

Magnetic Sports Bracelets Magnetic Sports Bracelets Manufacturing Magnetic sports bracelets are manufactured with a variety of materials like rubber, copper and different alloy metals like hematite, titanium,etc. The main active and most important component are the magnets, which could be neodymium or ceramic. The gauss reading of magnets is crucial in order to get the benefits of […]

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Negative Ion Jewelry

Negative Ion Jewelry Negative Ion Jewelry has become the new trend in wellness therapy products. It is the newest fashion because of the health benefits they offer. Wellness therapy products have evolved to be also worn as jewelry. They combine even four elements that can really deliver a great alternative health solution. Negative Ions according to Wikipedia;

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Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation   Biomagnetism Testing  Cell Phone Radiation tested under biomagnetic procedures resulted in a very interesting study. We had a couple of friends tested under the biomagnetism testing procedure and found that their bodies responded to cell phone radiation in a very similar way. They both felt that their right legs shortened when

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Applied Kinesiology (AK) v.s. Biomagnetism Testing – Review

Applied Kinesiology (AK) v.s. Biomagnetism Testing In the pursuit of relying in an alternative method of illness diagnostic, or disfunction analysis, we compare Applied Kinesiology (AK) v.s. Biomagnetism Testing. Both techniques have several similarities but they are not exactly the same, we will try to explain the main differences which sets them apart.   Applied Kinesiology (AK)

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Magnetized Water

Magnetized Water Magnetized water has always been a mystery, whether it actually has benefits to the human body or using it for agricultural purposes. The original idea was to soften the water and reduce the effects of hard water. Magnetized water is able to greatly reduce acids while increasing oxygenation and therefore, improve digestion and

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Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán – Trayectory

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán – Trayectory Founder of Medical Biomagnetism Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was born in Puebla, Mexico in 1941. His dad was Dr. Isaac Goiz Juarez, a Chinese immigrant who married a Mexican teacher Vivian Durán, originally from Puebla, one of the most enchanting tourist places near Mexico City. In his beginnings he studied and practiced physical therapy,

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