Magnetic Sports Bracelets

Magnetic Sports Bracelets

Magnetic Sports Bracelets Manufacturing

Magnetic sports bracelets are manufactured with a variety of materials like rubber, copper and different alloy metals like hematite, titanium,etc. The main active and most important component are the magnets, which could be neodymium or ceramic. The gauss reading of magnets is crucial in order to get the benefits of a magnetic sport bracelet. Choosing a bracelet that does not have at least 1,000 gauss magnets will not provide the results that you expect. Small neodymium magnets can provide a higher gauss reading compared to ceramic magnets and are very popular since they are light and their surface area is much smaller.

Magnetic Sports Bracelets Effectiveness

Magnetic bracelets and necklaces are very popular in many sports, like golf, tennis, baseball and basketball. If you happen to watch a golf tournament, or a baseball game on T.V. you will notice that many players sport a magnetic bracelet or necklace. Some people may think this practice may very well be superstitious since there has not been a proven scientific study that clearly shows that they can provide stamina, better balance, and enhanced performance. But on the other hand they keep using them. What other athletic enhancer can you think of that is drug free, and non-invasive?

Magnetic Sports Bracelets Options

The best magnetic sport bracelet is the one you feel comfortable with, besides having the proper gauss reading. Rubber wristbands are limited to the size they were manufactured, that is why going with an adjustable high quality metallic magnetic bracelet is our best choice. These magnetic sport bracelets come in all shapes and sizes. There is even some that offer a bracelet link removal tool so that you can adjust it to your needs. Those are the ones we highly recommend, like the ones shown in the pictures, since wearing a magnetic bracelet has to be a comfortable experience. Amazon carries all types of magnetic sports bracelets at very competitive prices, and have a very reliable shipping service. A magnetic sports bracelet makes a great gift for the holidays, and is also a great birthday gift.    

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