Leather Covered Magnets

Leather Covered Magnets

Leather Covered Magnets for Biomagnetic therapy available now and accesible to everybody through Amazon. This great idea of covering the therapy magnets is not new, but was not available for sale on the internet until now.

There are simple starter kits that you can purchase for less than $100 dlls. which make it very accesible to anyone who wants to practice and learn about the benefits of this amazing new therapy that is growing exponentially worldwide.

Benefits of Leather Covered Magnets

The characteristics of leather as so many people may know are flexibility, and softness besides preserving the good state of the magnet itself from accidental drops. The softness of the leather covered magnets feel more friendly to the touch and placement in the different parts of the body that you will like to place them, without loosing any of its gauss power.

Leather Covered Magnet Kit

This extensive leather covered magnet kit will make a great set consisting of 13 pairs of magnets of different sizes.

The set includes 13 pairs of magnets which include;

Professional Grade Set – 6 Ferrite Magnets – 3500 Gauss each.

Professional Grade Set – 4 Ferrite Magnets – 5000 Gauss each.

Professional Grade Set – 2 Ferrite Magnets – 6000 Gauss each.

Professional Grade Set – 1 -Duo Ferrite Magnet – 3500 Gauss.

Premium Quality Covered with high quality vinyl.

Premium Quality – Black side Negative (-) and Red side Positive (+).

This will make a great start to learning and practicing this wonderful non-invasive technique developed and researched by Dr. Isaac Goiz DurĂ¡n. You can find more information about him in here.

We do not know how long this offer will last, so we encourage you to take action and order these products from Amazon.

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