Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán – Trayectory

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán – Trayectory

Founder of Medical Biomagnetism

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran
Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was born in Puebla, Mexico in 1941. His dad was Dr. Isaac Goiz Juarez, a Chinese immigrant who married a Mexican teacher Vivian Durán, originally from Puebla, one of the most enchanting tourist places near Mexico City.

In his beginnings he studied and practiced physical therapy, at the Physical Medicine School of the British American Hospital, he later received a Medical Surgeon degree by the Autonomous University of Puebla in 1984. He specialized Pneumology, mainly driven by the need of helping out a step further, so many patients that he took care as a physical therapist. Inspired by his father, he went on experimenting with alternative remedies and procedures that could actually really benefit the well being of patients, or alleviate the burden of  coping with diseases that back then were considered hopeless, in many cases the illness, like cancer, HIV, were in their terminal stage.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán started doing research based on the studies and practices of Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, which during the 70’s, experimented with the principle of intelligent muscle response.

Based on this particular phenomenon, Dr Goiz experiments and research led him to develop his Biomagnetic Pair Theory.  Which has practiced and published several books which have been translated in several languages.

Another basic element to his findings is the correlation of the PH balance or im-balance which is manifested in different body organs and can be neutralized with magnetic charges strategically placed in the body. And keeping the magnets in such “pairs” for a determined amount of minutes, which varies according to the geo-location of the practice. Will actually neutralize that in-balance in the organ, therefore giving a pathway to the body to heal itself.

His theory is a revolutionary method that scans the human body from the top part of the head to the tip of your toes and determine the etiology (source) of the symptoms and disease.

Without the use of any sophisticated or expensive medical equipment, only using several pairs of magnets. In many cases, diseases, that were considered un-curable, are now treated with one or two sessions with great success.

This marvelous discovery diagnoses the patient and at the same time resolves his medical issues without the use of drugs, which brings great benefits considering the complications related with medication tolerance, beside it’s ever rising costs. It is completely non-invasive, there are no shots involved, and there are is blood work required or performed. Dr. Goiz promotes and suggest their patients to compare their lab-results before and after being treated with medical Biomagnetism. The results are stunning, and even tested at the celular level with the most powerful microscopes.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán – Trayectory

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán has the challenging task of spreading the word of his discovery and sharing all his knowledge to as many people as posible all over the world. He personally travels to different universities located in countries like Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, USA, and Mexico.

His goal is to have a Biomagnetic Therapist in every neighborhood, particularly in locations where medical assistance is not available, like rural areas. He has given conferences and taught his Biomagnetic theory to native americans, Huicholes, Tarahumaras, and Koras.  Natives derived from the Aztecs and Toltec cultures. They have adopted his concept and benefited greatly to cure simple and complicated diseases without the need to travel to a hospital and paying for doctor bills and medicine.

Biomagnetism courses are still held by Dr. Isaac Goiz himself in different locations, an intense week long course which includes on site practice. This courses have been taken by several thousands of people which in most cases have an alternative therapist background, and in some cases even people holding a medical degree.

Dr Isaac Goiz Duran - Biomagnetismo de Guadalajara

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