Magnet Therapy History

Magnet Therapy History

Magnet Therapy History - Cleopatra




Magnet therapy history dates back to the Chinese who are believed to be the first to practice magnet therapy since 3,000 BC. In the pursuit of health alternatives, mankind has experimented with many different types of therapies and remedies. Just to mention a few, herbolaria, acupuncture, homeopathy, accupressure, massage, reflexology, meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi, deep breathing techniques, Ho’ponopono and of course, prayer.

In ancient Greece, Aristotle practice included magnets for healing purposes, and relieving pain. He was one of the first to document his findings on 111 B.C.

In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used a natural magnet (lodestone) to wear on her forehead. It could have been that Liz Taylor wanted to personalize her with style in the famous movie changing it for a precious jewel? It is a possibility. The reason for Cleopatra wearing that natural magnet is not known for certain, there is some speculation that it was intended to keep her skin youthful, as a headache reliever, sleeping aid, or maybe to slow down the aging process.

Another good reason could have been to stimulate the pineal gland in the brain to release melatonin.

In the middle ages, doctors used magnets to treat arthritis, poisoning, gout, baldness, clean wounds and retrieve iron containing objects from the body, like arrowheads.


Recent Magnet Therapy Investigations

Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer (Kentucky, USA) spent many years researching the effects of magnetic fields in living organisms, based on the work and research of Albert Roy Davis (Florida, USA) in the 1930’s. During the 1970’s Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer studied the effects that the lack of gravity had over the astronauts, which led him to experiment balancing their bodies with magnets.

Peter Kulish, who studied with Davis, later received a Magnet Therapy degree from Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, founded advanced techniques based on proper polarity placement.

Dr. Linus Pauling receives in 1954 the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the magnetic properties of blood.

Japanese Doctor Kyoichi Nakagawa published an influential study in the Medical Journal in which he described a “magnetic deficiency syndrome”

BiomagnetismDr. Isaac Goiz Durán (Mexico) discovers the biomagnetic pair in 1988, where he finds over 200 pairs (trigger points) in the body that resonate with each other. Neutralizing the magnetic charges between each of those pairs, neutralizes the PH balance (acidity / alkalinity) which is the origin of a particular pathogen manifestation.

Based on Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer work and research, Dr. Isaac Goiz went a step further identifying the etiology (origin) of multiple illnesses.

Dr. Goiz considers virus, fungi, parasites and bacteria (pathogens) as intelligent creatures which manifest themselves with a particular magnetic charge, and can be controlled and even eradicated with the proper placement of magnetic charges in set of pairs throughout the body.

The achievements of Dr. Goiz and strong commitment to spread the word of his discovery has led him to publish several books and attend conferences worlwide. He is the instructor of the “Biomagnetic Pair” in the Universitiy of Chapingo in Mexico City,  and The Universidad Nacional de Loja in Ecuador. He is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA. Has received multiple international awards, and keeps delivering training to thousands of therapist in several continents.



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