Do Magnetic Bracelets Work – What you need to know about magnets

Magnetic Necklace
Magnetic Necklace

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Magnetic bracelets can be an effective tool to improve blood flow. The increase in blood circulation delivers more oxygen to the body. This can help to speed up healing of damaged tissue. In one animal study, it was observed that blood vessels dilated in the presence of magnetic field. The study also revealed the anti-inflammatory effects of magnets. Thus, the magnetic effect not only helped to boost blood circulation but also decreased the swelling. Although, these beneficial effects of magnets are yet to be proved in human trials, there is hope that further research may soon report the positive impact of magnets on humans. Inadequate blood circulation has been responsible for causing a number of ailments including migraine headaches and varicose veins. The increased blood circulation may also provide relief from back pain.

Magnetic bracelets come in various different styles and prices. The one shown is made of Titanium incrusted with 18 powerful Neodymium magnets. Amazon carries a large array of styles, for men and women at very affordable prices

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Do Magnetic Bracelets work?

Promoters of this alternate therapy also believe that magnets assist to make the body less acidic. The theory is that cancer cells are unable to survive in a low acidic environment. So, by using magnets one may be able to stop cancer cells from spreading.

Other studies suggests that magnetic bracelets, worn by many for their supposed health benefits, do reduce the pain of osteoarthritis.

The study focused on 194 patients, aged 45 to 80, who had osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.

The group were either given a standard strength magnetic bracelet, a weak magnetic bracelet or a non-magnetic, dummy bracelet.

The researchers, from the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth, found pain was significantly reduced in the patients wearing the standard magnetic bracelet compared to the dummy one.

There was little difference between the weak magnet group and those wearing the dummy magnets after 12 weeks of the study.

The team said their findings suggested that the benefit of magnetic bracelets was clinically useful, but higher strength magnets seemed to be needed.

The researchers, writing in the British Medical Journal, concluded:

“Pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee decreases when wearing magnetic bracelets.”

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Reducing pain

Magnetic bracelets manufacturers, claim they can reduce pain in a variety of conditions.

The cost of magnetic bracelets compares well with that of pain relievers considering how much we can have in a given month or year, besides not incurring in the well known risks of analgesics.

Magnetic bracelets are quite cheap and safe, people with osteoarthritis might want to consider wearing them as part of their self-help regime. Trying something natural and noninvasive is preferable to beginning a new medication.

Remember that, there is no evidence that magnetic bracelets cure diseases or improve cancer. So avoiding the intake of traditional medicines and depending completely on magnetic therapy would in fact decrease the chances of curing the ailment. And please consider reading our disclaimer to see if you are eligible for this type of therapy.

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