Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation


Biomagnetism Testing 

Cell Phone Radiation tested under biomagnetic procedures resulted in a very interesting study.

We had a couple of friends tested under the biomagnetism testing procedure and found that their bodies responded to cell phone radiation in a very similar way.

They both felt that their right legs shortened when a cell phone was close to their bodies. Specially if they are places in their head or their chest.

Cell Phone Radiation has not been proven in a scientific way to convince manufacturers that this is something they should address in their future cell phone models. In the video below, it is clear that our bodies do respond and are impacted by having a mobile cell phone device close to our bodies. It did not matter which model or brand we used, I-Phone, Motorola, Samsung, they all responded with the same results.


Cell Phone Radiation can have side effects in our bodies that we do not realize. There can be all types of physical disorders associated with it, but has not been proven in a scientifically way. Biomagnetism Testing is the standard way to verify if the body is going through an imbalance state. If we perform a scan of every single organ in our body with this procedure, we can detect where there is a PH imbalance in a particular organ. Then we can proceed utilizing ceramic therapy magnets with a minimum of  1,000 gauss in order to help the body restore it’s natural balance.

Cell Phone Radiation can be avoided in a major way if we do not keep them within 5 inches of our bodies. According to our study in this video there is no evidence that our bodies are impacted if we keep them a few inches away from ourselves. So as a general rule, to be on the safe side, let’s practice avoiding exposure of our bodies to cell phones. Especially in critical areas, like placing it on our shirt pocket, close to our hearts. Another good practice is to use headphones or ear-bugs, and keeping the main mobile device a few inches away from ourselves. Better yet, making a good use of the speaker phone feature on most smartphones is a good idea.







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