Sleeping With Magnets

by Biomagnetips on October 1, 2013

Sleeping With Magnets


Sleeping with ceramic magnets make a great sleeping partner. Because you can benefit of the analgesic effect of the positive side and the anti inflammatory effect of the negative side. They can be placed anywhere in your body where you need a soothing effect. And it will not matter if you leave them for more than the 30 minutes that is the usual time recommended. The ceramic magnets that we recommend for this purpose are the rectangular ones that you can get at most hardware stores or better yet at Amazon, since they carry the best wholesale prices and can be delivered to the comfort of your home.

Do not forget to include the red and black duck tape to cover the proper polarity of the magnets. If you want to know how to find the polarity of a magnet you can always go to our post “Ceramic Therapy Magnets” . If you want to go a step further you can cover them and glue tinted goat skin to have a softer surface.

Sleeping With Magnets Sleeping With Magnets


How to Identify the polarity of a magnet in the dark?

What are the shoe strings for?


Once you use sleeping magnets in a regular basis, you will like to know what polarity you want to apply without turning on a lamp and disturb your sleeping partner. If you tie the shoestrings just like in the picture shown, you will easily identify the polarity of the magnet just by touching them. Once you touch the shoestring and identify from what side it is coming from you will know if it is the negative of positive side.

We remind you that this therapy is not suitable for everyone, please read the disclaimers to know about the risks involved.

Always consult with your doctor before practicing any alternative therapy.

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